VGA & Audio to HDMI Convert Cable, 1080p

maximum 1080p, does not scale, USB powered
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  • Converts and combines VGA video and analog audio signals into a HDMI signal
  • Perfect for connecting older VGA laptops/computers to a HDMI display
  • Powered by USB, simple plug and play installation
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p
  • Supports 12bit per channel (36 bit total) deep color, 225MHz/2.25Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps total) bandwidth
  • 2 year warranty


Please note: This product is a format converter, from analog to digital, there is no resolution scaling. 


The VGA & Audio to HDMI Converter Cable is capable of combining analog video and stereo audio signals and converting them into a HDMI signal, perfect for using legacy PC and AV equipment seamlessly with the latest LCD, LED and Plasma displays. With integrated VGA, Audio and USB (power only) cables the Converter Cable can be directly connected to a computer, without the need for a separate power supply. Once connected to a computer simply use a HDMI cable (not included) between the Converter Cable and you HDMI display.


The VGA and Audio converter features simple plug and play installation, there is no configuration required as there is no scaling of the video signal, with the output resolution matching the input resolution. 

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