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USB Wall Chargers With Cables—3 Pack Special

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Charge USB Micro-B equipped devices with our three pack USB Type A Female Wall Transformers and three USB A Male to Micro-B Male cables. Also, plug these cables into any device equipped with a typical USB A port to transfer data.

Purchase in bulk quantities by calling us at 888-865-4639.
USB Wall Transformer
  • AC to DC Voltage Converter
  • Input: 1-24V - 47/63Hz
  • Output: +5V - 1A/5W
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Double Insulated, Class 2, AC to DC Electric Converter for use with Rechargeable (Lithium Battery) Chargers
  • Color: Black

USB Type A to Micro-B Cable
  • USB A Male to USB Micro B Male Charge/Data Cable
  • Jacket Material: Heavy Duty Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE)
  • Wire Gauge: 28 AWG
  • Color: Black
  • Length 1m
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