USB Interface Converters

You can use The Connectivity Center USB interface converters to equip your USB ports with a wide range of new functionalities. For example, you can use a USB Digital to Analogue Audio Converter to convert USB, TosLink and digital coax to analog stereo or use an RS-232 USB converter to connect multiple RS-232 devices to your PC or Mac via the USB port on your machine. We offer a range of interface converters made by The Connectivity Center, including USB to serial converters, USB audio adapters, USB to Ethernet, USB to eSATA, Ethernet audio converters and much more.

We have options such as the Connectivity Center USB 3.0 Notebook Docking Station, which easily connects peripherals — including mice, keyboards, USB sticks and storage devices — to your PC using our USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection. This high-tech converter supports HDMI, DVI-I and VGA monitors and is compatible with a free Smartphone app. We also offer low-cost converting solutions and USB Bluetooth dongles that let you connect with your mobile devices via Bluetooth for even more capability. 

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