USB Hubs

A USB hub is a fantastic (and often low-cost) solution for equipping your machine with multiple additional USB ports. From space-saving two-port USB hubs that are great for laptops to industrial-grade 7-port metal USB hubs for large companies, The Connectivity Center manufactures a solution that’s appropriate for your needs and environment. Shop USB FireWire hubs, USB and eSATA combo hubs, docking stations and HDMI hubs at We make plug-and-play ports that require no drivers or configuration.

There are many types of USB hubs to choose from. You can use a USB hub module that features several USB ports within a basic or industrial-grade housing or choose a USB cable hub that takes up minimal space but provides multiple ports at the same time. We also offer on-desk USB hubs that can be easily installed into your desk or surface for a low-profile way to add more ports to your workstation as well as many traditional plug-and-play desktop styles. 

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