USB Graphics Adapter

You can easily connect monitors and HDTVs to your PC using The Connectivity Center’s cutting-edge USB graphics adapters. These are easy-to-install adapters that offer plug-and-play capability — no need to open the computer case. We carry many USB to HDMI adapters, including USB 2.0 to HDMI 1080p adapters and USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters, as well as USB to VGA and USB to DVI-I, to help you set up your monitor or HDTV the simplest way possible.

These adapters are especially helpful for computers that don’t have VGA or DVI ports, such as some Macs and notebook computers. You can convert your USB port into a VGA or DVI port with one of our low-cost adapters if you need to install a monitor. For HDTV displays, you will need to use one of our affordable USB to HDMI adapters that supports up to 1080p. The Connectivity Center graphics adapters come with a two-year warranty and are compatible with most operating systems.

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