Notebook Docking Stations

With LINDY USB docking stations, you can connect multiple external peripherals to your notebook. These low-cost notebook docking stations add essential ports, such as HDMI output ports and VGA output ports for connecting additional monitors, plus SuperSpeed USB ports that give you extra USB ports after you’ve used one of your integrated USB ports to power the dock. We make USB 3.0 and 3.1 docking stations at LINDY USA.

You can choose from a full-featured style that’s equipped with a variety of port types if you’re looking for a super-versatile docking option that will become relatively permanent. If you need a low-cost solution or plan to move your machine regularly, a Mini USB Docking Station is a smart choice. With this super-compact docking station, notebooks can be easily connected to a monitor or projector without taking up much space. 

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