FireWire Hubs / Repeaters / Extenders

FireWire hubs are a fantastic solution for situations where you want to connect several FireWire cables to your device at high transfer rates. You can choose fully equipped multi-port FireWire hubs with built-in repeaters if you need to be able to expand your Mac or PCs interface and extend your cable signals. We have FireWire hubs — including three-port, four-port and six-port FireWire hubs — as well as FireWire repeaters and extenders at

We also offer 5- and 10-meter FireWire Active Extension Cables designed to extend the cable length between FireWire devices over distances greater than the IEEE 1394b specified limit of 4.5 meters. You can connect these FireWire extender cables to your DV camera, printer, scanner, digital camera and more without being limited by the limited cable length that comes standard with your devices. You can connect up to five of these cables together for a maximum length of 50 meters as long as your FireWire is self-powered.

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  1. USB / FireWire Internal Hub - 4 Port USB 2.0 & 2 Port FireWire
    USB / FireWire Internal Hub - 4 Port USB 2.0 & 2 Port FireWire
    Part #: 32915
  2. 10m FireWire Active Extension Cable
    10m FireWire Active Extension Cable
    Part #: 32958