USB 2.0 MM fiber Optic Extender 200m

Multi Mode Fibre
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  • Extend the distance between USB devices up to 200m
  • Connect devices using an LC Multimode Simplex fiber cable
  • Supports USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) & USB 1.1 Full Speed/Low Speed 
  • Plug & Play - no software or driver installation required. Compatible with all modern OS with USB support
  • 2 year warranty


Using the LINDY USB 2.0 Multimode fiber Extender you can extend the distance between your USB peripheral devices and computer by up to 200m.

The Extender is a compact two part hardware solution comprising of a transmitter dongle that connects directly to your computer and receiver dongle that connects to the USB peripheral. These are then joined together using LC Multimode Simplex fiber. The small form factor of the Extender allows for an easy and discreet installation while the use of fiber helps rule out the possibility of electrical interference in the extended signal.

Ideal for remote desktop links, industrial control, surveillance and external storage applications the extender gives long distance access to USB keyboards & mice, printers, scanners,  webcams, audio devices, disc burners, external drive storage and much more. Connecting a USB hub to the receiver also gives additional access to a larger number of USB devices.

Package Contents:


  • USB Transmitter & Receiver Dongles
  • Multi-country PSU DC 5V 2A (1.35mm Inner 3.5mm Outer)
  • LINDY Manual
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