Universal 3.5″ Drive to 5.25″ Mouting Rails

Install 3.5″ drives into 5.25″ bay!
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This set of 3.5″ Drive Mounting Rails help you upgrade your computer's storage potential by allowing you to easily fix a 3.5″ hard or solid state drive in to your PC chassis. Multiple drilled fixing points mean literally any legacy 5.25″ drive bay can be converted to house a smaller 3.5″ HDD.

Whether you want to upgrade the HDD inside your PC, or increase your PC's storage space by recycling an old laptop drive to provide additional storage, these adapters will let you do the job quickly and simply.

  • HDD installation kit, short bracket only
  • Includes left and right rails, and hardware

Please Note SATA power/data cables are sold separately.
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