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TosLink SPDIF Digital Optical Cable, 2m

Connect audio devices via optical SPDIF connection
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  • TosLink Male to TosLink Male
  • High quality fiber optic cable ensures crystal clear digital audio transmission
  • For use with many modern Dolby Digital (Dolby 5.1, 6.1, AC3, Prologic, etc.) and DTS surround sound receivers, DVD players, MD players and recorders, MP3 and DAT recorders, professional Audio Cards for Computer Digital Audio workstations, Outboard AD/DA Converters and satellite dish receivers
  • Compatible with all SPDIF (Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format), ADAT's, DAW's and Dolby Digital DTS audio devices using the TosLink interface
  • Immune to electrical interference
  • Protective shell, outer diameter 2.2mm

This digital optical cable is part of a wide range from LINDY including TosLink, Premium Gold TosLink, Mini Optical and TosLink to Mini Optical cables.

Please note: These cables come with a protective dust cap on each end of the cable. Remove this before installation.
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