Drive Enclosures / Backplanes

If you’d like to exchange your optical drive with a hard disk drive (HDD), then a Connectivity Center drive caddy is the perfect solution. These easy-to-install HDD drive caddies allow you to add STDA hard drives and SSDs in standard bays and enclosures to add more functionality to your machine. The Connectivity Center makes converters for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch slots featuring SATA backplane connections and simple mechanical eject mechanisms. We also carry backplane drive enclosures, SATA RAID systems and data docks.

We offer multi-purpose backplane replacement frame modules for SATA hard drives and SSDs. Simply install the 2.5- or 3.5-inch adapter frame and converter into the slot on your desktop or use it like a 3.5-inch drive in a 3.5-inch converter. Each of these products is equipped with sufficient room for ventilation and heat dissipation so that your hardware stays in its best shape while in use. They’re made for reliable use with quality ejection mechanisms.

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