ATX Power Supplies / Notebook Power Supplies

LINDY offers a variety of ATX power supplies to provide low-voltage, regulated power to your PC or notebook and peripherals. Our ATX power components come in a range of options, from 550-watt modules to 750-watt ATX power supplies. They feature automatically regulated fans to keep the components at their ideal working temperature and are equipped with multiple connectors, including 1 x 24 (20 + 4) pin ATX, 4 x HDD/DVD, 1 x FDD, 4 x SATA, 1 x 4/8 pin (P4 CPU) and 1 x 6+2 pin PCIe.

We also offer a convenient notebook power supply adapter that allows you to repair or add a power supply while traveling or at the office. This is a cheaper power supply solution when compared to investing in a new original notebook part. All LINDY power supply components are designed for long-lasting use and are made with quality components and cutting-edge technologies. If you have any questions about these parts, you can contact us today.

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