System Components

Want to build on the backbone of a workhorse computer? Shop our constantly evolving selection of PC system components designed to help your machines keep up to date and performing at their peak efficiency. Our collection of system components includes PC expansion cards, desktop and laptop power supplies, drive caddies and backplanes, rackmount chassis, and storage systems.

Expansion Cards

Beef up your desktop or laptop's capabilities by leveraging those unused expansion slots or by swapping out existing parts with more powerful replacements. Upgrade to gigabit networking speeds with an Ethernet card, add support for a mini DV camera or external hard drive with a Firewire card, install a serial port so that you can flash your phone and update your scanner, or take advantage of the latest in lightning-fast transfer speeds by updating your computer's USB support.

Power Supplies

The more components drawing power from your computer, the more horsepower you'll need to drive your system and to keep it stable. Browse our selection of desktop power supplies which can make it possible for your computer to handle more components. Keep your laptop ready for many hours of reliable use with one of our notebook power supplies.

Storage Racks and Cases

Build out your server room with our rackmount chassis systems, drive caddies and server cases. If you need to accommodate a smaller drive in bays meant for 3.5-inch hardware, you can use our rail mounts and backplanes. If you want to build out your hard drives into a RAID system, check out our enclosures. Need the hardware to moderate that RAID? Explore our SAS/SATA RAID storage systems and controllers.