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Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type B

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  • The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type B is intended to secure any open USB - Type B port.
  • Ideal for printers, scanners, and external devices that are fully equipped with USB Type B ports.
  • Note: This product requires one Smart Keeper - USB Port Lock Professional Key.
  • Click here to compare the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type B with the rest of your Smart Keeper items.

USB Type B Port Locks

The need for our Smart Keeper USB Type B Port Lock is so great that, on occasion, we consider pricing them by the pound, or by the bushel. Just look around any workspace today. Within arm’s length and extending as far as the workspace permits there are USB Type B ports – usually on scanners and printers. Some are actually in use, connecting components or carrying data for high-speed transfer. They are doing the things that turn peripheral components into information systems, that make collaborating efficient and effective, producing geometric growth in many companies and industries, blazing lightning-fast trails where progress was plodding just a decade or two ago.

We owe so much to the brilliant but humble USB Type B port that we live in danger of taking it for granted. Danger? While most typically found on large peripheral devices such as scanners and printers, you may also find USB Type B ports on smaller hardware, such as external storage and programmable devices. The USB Type B port lock is intended to be deployed on connected devices so that any malicious activity that attempts to bridge this network connection will be halted by a physical barrier at the initial port.

USB Type B Port Locks for Today

Our USB Type B Port Locks protect Type B port connectors, officially referred to as Standard-B connectors, are square in shape with either a slight rounding or large square protrusion on the top, depending on the USB version. USB Port Type-B connectors are supported in every USB version, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1. A second type of "B" connector, called Powered-B, also exists but only in USB 3.0.

USB 3.0 Type B port connectors are often blue while USB 2.0 Type B and USB 1.1 Type B connectors are often black. This is not always the case because USB Type B connectors and cables can come in any color the manufacturer chooses.

Regardless of your need, you can count on the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock we offer for Type B from The Connectivity Center to block open ports from unwanted activity. All you need to get started is a lock for your open ports and a Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Professional Key to give access to authorized operators.

The Connectivity Center offers you an expertly-collected array of options for defending the vacant, physical segment of your cybersecurity perimeter. You can compare the capabilities of each port blocker here. The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type B is just one of them, helping you keep your physical cybersecurity up to the most recent standards.

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