Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C

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  • The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C effectively blocks open USB - Type C ports from unwanted activity
  • Ideal for new laptops that are fully equipped with USB Type C ports
  • Note: This product requires one a Smart Keeper - USB Port Lock Professional Key.
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Features & Specs

Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C

Striking a balance between the latest speeds and the versatility that’s demanded for compatibility with your existing data system and information network, Type C USB ports and connectors were rapidly accepted and deployed when the specification was finalized in 2014 and adopted by the IEC in 2016. Developed at about the same time as USB 3.1 and the SuperSpeed+ transfer rates it made possible, the Type C, or USB-C, accommodates data modes that are thoroughly up to date without compromising operations with earlier systems. No wonder we see it everywhere today. Unfortunately, another thing we see everywhere is that these USB-C ports are still commonly left unguarded. Open to insertion of potentially contaminated devices, or even purpose-built viruses, ransomware, or Trojan-horse infections. Thankfully, the device that can physically block access to your Type C USB data ports and connections is readily available – the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C – from The Connectivity Center.

Easy, Simple, Visible, and Secure

Part of the thoughtfully designed, accomplished, and proven Smart Keeper line of network security protection devices, the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C data ports and connections is the quickest and easiest USB port lock to install, physically blocking access to any unused USB port in your system. It needs no electricity or upgrade to install, no software or programming to operate, and requires no maintenance. Color coding is built into the system, so that four different levels of personnel access are easily deployed. Blue, yellow, brown, or purple locks can be selected for any given USB port. Matched with a Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Keyof the same color, you are up and running with a controlled-access system for physical cybersecurity protection in minutes.

Systematic, Flexible, Compatible – and Easily Available

The blocking, locking, and access devices you choose for your USB-C data ports can be selected from a range of options at The Connectivity Center. From basic, entry-level protection, to the more feature-rich enterprise level, to the comprehensive Professional Series, you can be assured of a selection that meets both your requirements and your budget. The brilliance of the Type-C specification – a 24-pin, double-sided connector that enables USB 3.1 speeds and data transfer – is protected effectively by a device that is narrower than a thumbnail and available affordably in quantities that keep pace with the popularity of USB-C adoption. The Connectivity Center stands ready and able to supply the needs of your vital information system and data network today with the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C. The Connectivity Center in the best possible vantage point for securing that connection in this age of high concern for cybersecurity, because the connection between computers and users has been our focus for decades. Our perspective extends through every turning point in computer history since personal computing brought work out of the mainframe floor and servers decentralized computer operations. In fact, achieving the balance between access and security is our specialty.  The Connectivity Center offers you thousands of devices – the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock for Type C is just one of them – and dozens of systems for securing the ports and connectors that make your hardware a data network and your workplace an information system.