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Smart Keeper Secure Kit

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The Smart Keeper Secure Kit requires the use of a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key to unlock your Secure Connector for removal.

Best Practice

We recommend locking your Secure Connector into place while your Smart Keeper Secure Drive is in use. While not in use or on the go, store your secure drive in a protected area. We also recommend removing your secure connector using the Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key while not in use and storing the connector in a separate protected area.

How does it work?

In order to store or use data on the Smart Keeper Secure Drive, one must having the matching Smart Keeper Secure Connector. The Secure Connector functions as an adapter for for the Smart Keeper Secure Drive so that the drive can communicate with your computer. Additionally, the adapter locks into equipped USB ports and is unlocked by using your existing Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key.

  1. First, insert your Secure Connector into the desired USB port.
  2. Second, secure your Secure Connector into place by pressing in the lock button (the red button on the front).
  3. Third, insert your Secure Drive into the matching Secure Connector.
  4. Your ready to go! Have fun and keep your data protected with your Secure Kit!


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  • Ideal for government employees and Private Contractors who deal with sensitive information that cannot afford to be compromised
  • Connected alone, the Secure Connector functions as a data stripper allowing you to charge your device without sharing potentially malicious files.
  • Use as an extra layer of security by deploying the Secure Connector on your devices and applying the authentication software, such as Security Tokens, to your Secure Drive. Both devices must be used in conjunction to complete the authentication process. Further secure your connections and preserve your USB ports with Smart Keeper Secure Connections
  • Isolate your portable data within you organization
  • Prevents unauthorized users from transferring data from the Smart Keeper Secure Drive without a coordinating Smart Keeper Secure Connector
  • Can be synced to match your organization’s existing serialized Smart Keeper Professional Series Key code
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Requires no maintenance or upgrade
  • A secured flash memory drive and a connector without software application
  • Requires no electricity, software or special expertise
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