Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock

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  • The Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock prevents unauthorized access to any optical disk drive to thwart intentional and unintentional data theft.
  • Simple and effective solution to vulnerable optical disk drives.
  • The Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock blocks users from burning organizational data to a disc.
  • Requires one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock and at least one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key.
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Features & Specs

Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock

The optical disc drive (ODD) became the point of connection for a generation of data transport. Shiny, five-inch discs were the media of choice for copying, transporting, and transplanting data, images, programs, and all the forms of intellectual currency that drive and enrich our digital world. Before everything went invisible, before software, movies, music, and our day-job data came to be downloaded from the cloud, or through the Internet, optical disc drives were, for nearly 30 years, a widely-used medium for getting and using all the advantages of data exchange. Even though discs are no longer part of everyday life for most of us, and laptops today would rather save the space and weight, the optical disk drive is nevertheless a wise critter to have around, not only for bringing the home theatre collection to life, but in the workplace, too. Without it, an office has no place to retrieve decades of archived data, and a conference room loses its corporate memory. How, though, can you secure those archives, programs, and media if unsecured optical disc drives are within easy reach? The Smart Keeper Optical Disc Drive Lock from The Connectivity Center is the answer. Little-known, yet easy to obtain and use, the Smart Keeper Optical Disc Drive Lock assures that only authorized users can access the optical disc drives.

How It Works

The Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock has three simple component parts, the ODD Locking Body, the Locking Clip, and the Locking Pin. It works like this:
  1. Insert one of the two locking pins provided into one of the holes built into the ODD tray.
  2. Position the locking body so that the pin sits in the notch of the latch.
  3. Snap the locking body closed and insert the locking clip.
  4. Now, just turn the locking body to clear the ODD tray and close the tray.
  5. Feel good that your Smart Keeper Optical Disk Drive Lock will not permit a disc to be positioned in the tray until it is removed by your authorized associate.
Removing your Smart Keeper ODD Lock calls for using a Smart Keeper Professional USB Port Lock Key. This ensures that only authorized personnel, with the level of access that conforms with your cybersecurity design, can unlock the optical disc drive. To do so is a simple matter of reversing the easy installation process spelled-out above. At The Connectivity Center, our experience and perspective extends through the vast, historic sweep of expanding access to computing power – and to the exponential exposure to risk that this access brought with it. It is our mission to help you secure the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. Strangely overlooked in most operations, the physical dimensions of cybersecurity demand the devices we provide.