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Smart Keeper Network Module Lock

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Smart Keeper Network Module Lock

Not all computer networks are built into the walls of the workplace. Network patch panels are the catalyst that enables sophisticated, capable data and communication resources to go where they are needed. When your network isn’t bound to one site of brick and mortar – or if you’ve expanded into more space at your usual site – then the Smart Keeper Network Module Lock can help you make sure that the security system for your vital information and data networks does not have to let down its guard.

Consider the emergency response team at a natural disaster, or the telecommunication complex that has to crop up overnight at the US Open, the Super Bowl, or The Masters, or the polling place that appears suddenly at the local library on election day, and you can see the freedom that those network patch panels provide. They don’t have to do their work unprotected when you install the Smart Keeper Network Module Lock.

With it, you can lock up to a dozen network cables, because the Smart Keeper Network Module Lock comes in four-, eight-, and 12-port capacities, so you can configure your task force, or your remote network, to achieve the design you’re aiming for, or to effectively duplicate the network you work with at your permanent site. Because of the Smart Keeper Network Module Lock, you don’t have to leave your data security standards behind.

The Smart Keeper Network Module Lock requires at least two Smart Keeper Professional Port Locks, and at least one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key to deploy full security.

Maintaining Security, No Matter Your Location

There is no reason that your data link interfaces should be any less secure than the programs and platforms you depend on for operational efficiency. Without physical protection for the integrity of your network cable connections themselves, you are leaving the front door of cybersecurity wide open, no matter how many sophisticated measures you may deploy at the levels of program, platform, and cloud.

Whether your network is local (LAN), Metropolitan (MAN), Wide (WAN), or global (WEB), your security is no stronger than its weakest link. There is no reason to overlook the physical dimension of this task by leaving network connector modules unsecured.

At The Connectivity Center, our experience and perspective enables you secure the physical access to your data and components, the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. Time is risk, when it comes to achieving cybersecurity. So, we stand ready to serve you with a vast, carefully curated array of cybersecurity devices at any time.

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