Smart Keeper Link On

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  • The Smart Keeper Link On is a non-removable USB flash drive for all public areas.
  • This non-removable USB flash drive is safe from external influences and cannot be stolen.
  • This non-removable USB flash drive makes it possible to play content on image output devices (monitors, TV's, projectors, public displays) in public areas.
  • The non-removable USB flash drive can be locked and unlocked easily via the security key.
  • Requires one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key
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Features & Specs

The Lockable USB Memory Stick

Let’s say you have a welcome or orientation video playing in a reception room or hallway. Or that you want to make certain files available to a particular work station without the risk of substitution or even theft of the files. Here’s a device you might not have known was available, a USB memory stick that can’t be stolen, substituted, or replaced without authorization, once it’s plugged in. With the Smart Keeper Link On, you now have a USB flash drive that you can truly control. Paired with a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key, the Smart Keeper Link On can be locked in place and unlocked only by your authorized associate. From our unique perspective at The Connectivity Center, reaching back to the beginnings of wider access to computing power, we have seen the exposure to risk grow just as exponentially as the computer access we take so much for granted today. With every passing day, the need for securing that access grows, because enterprises, services, governments, and operations of every kind become ever more reliant on the flow of data – uninterrupted and trustworthy – through the data networks and information systems that form the foundation of the information age. This includes the need for non-removable USB flash drives. Initially, the unguarded perimeter of physical access to these networks – the ever-present data ports and connectors – appeared to need protection from the inside. Unwitting associates with unknown flash drives, after all, had been the source of history’s most impactful and damaging cyber-attacks. With the deluge of mobile devices came another kind of exposure – also from the inside – of associates plugging phone into ports at work, just to sync or recharge. This seemingly innocent practice exposed vital networks to every form of virus and malware from the Web. Ironically, both these threats came through employees, associates, and even highly qualified agents, who somehow didn’t see the harm.

Enter the Non-Removable USB Flash Drive

In this application, though, the threat from which the Smart Keeper Link On protects is just as often an external one. When portable files need to be employed in a public area, the need to secure the devices that carry them was initially an especially risky exposure. Thanks to the Smart Keeper Link On, a non-removable USB flash drive, you can be assured that, once the drive is inserted, no one but your authorized representative is able to take those files away, substitute unwanted ones, or insert yet another device that might be a carrier of disruption and disorder. This non-removable USB flash drive is a pretty handy device to have in your arsenal of cyber-defenses, available immediately and not a moment too soon. The Smart Keeper Link On is one of an expertly collected array of options for defending the ports and connectors that make your devices a network and help you make data into information. You can compare the capabilities of each of them here.