Smart Keeper Link Lock

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  • This product does not work with the Apple Lightning USB cable
  • The Smart Keeper Link Lock prevents unauthorized removal of attached USB devices without a key
  • Protects against threats due to insertion of smart phones or thumb drives, etc.
  • USB 3.0 compatible
  • Enhanced security with a very thin keyhole 0.016”
  • Large number of individual key patterns
  • The Smart Keeper Link Lock is ideal for secure environments where it is necessary to attach USB peripherals
  • Link Lock Hubs sold separately
  • Requires at least one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key
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Features & Specs

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Smart Keeper Link Lock

With the Smart Keeper Link Lock, the device you attach to a USB port stays there. Only your authorized personnel, equipped with a matched Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key, can detach the device and introduce another component to the port. The Smart Keeper Link Lock protects you from the commonplace, casual contaminations that arise from associates plugging in their smart phones or personal flash drives. With the Smart Keeper Link Lock, you can secure the physical environment in systems that call for attachment of USB peripherals. It is USB 3.0 compatible, and the vast number of potential key codes (with a keyhole only 0.016-inches wide) ensures an installation that would be unreasonably hard to defeat. Your own associates' smart phones, their own flash drives as well as unknown flash drives they might find, and our own behavior have proven to be commonplace, ever-present, everyday threats to cybersecurity. And yet most operations are slow to address them. The physical threat through ports and connectors remains the unguarded perimeter, the open front door.

The Huge Hazard of Personal and "Found" USB Devices

Are your own employees part of your cybersecurity threat? Yes. In fact, malicious cyber-attacks are practically rare, compared with the everyday hazard of viruses, malware, and Trojan-horse spy programs that can be introduced through the personal phones and storage devices of your own team members. In the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace that's increasingly common today, the chances of disruption from contamination carried by associates' own devices grows greater and greater by the day. The threat is not only from your associates' own devices. Research and real-world experience demonstrate that even the most disciplined, knowledgeable personnel don't hesitate to plug-in an "innocent" USB storage device they might just have found on their way to work. In fact, one of the most successful national security cyberattacks in history originated from unidentified flash drives scattered in parking lots. Research into this blank spot between human nature and good sense has revealed that most people who find a USB storage device will use it at work, often within minutes of picking it up.

Cybersecurity Solutions by the Bushel

The Connectivity Center offers you thousands of devices and dozens of systems for securing the ports and connectors that make your hardware a data network and your workplace an information system. The Smart Keeper Link Lock is accompanied in use by Link Lock Hubs, and Smart Keeper Port Lock Keys, sold separately. Achieving the balance between access and security is our specialty. In fact, our perspective extends through every turning point in computer history since personal computing brought control off of the mainframe floor and onto servers working with decentralized desktops operating throughout the building. The connection between computers and users has been our focus, putting The Connectivity Center in the best possible vantage point for securing that connection in this age of high concern for cybersecurity.