Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable (USB Type C)

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The Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable

The Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable is a wise measure for securing your laptop. With the Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable in place, your laptop can’t walk off. It’s a hazard that often goes unrecognized, especially in the workplace. The familiarity of the workplace breeds a false sense of security. Spending at least a third of our lives there, we naturally grow to consider it an extension of our own space. We’re not suggesting this feeling is to be discouraged; it is part of the team building that adds efficiency and effectiveness to an operation. Yet the price of that familiarity often includes considering the workplace to be more protected than it in fact may be. Even in pre-digital days, the annual staff memo reminding employees and associates to be more watchful and careful around the holidays was a fixture in large corporations. Experience had demonstrated that the presence of gifts and unusual sums of cash in an office made holiday-time an especially attractive time for thieves. The normal comings and goings of messengers and utility personnel were used to mask the entrance of intruders, and this method of incursion was known to increase around the holidays. Fast forward. You might say that today’s workplace is always in holiday-time exposure. The prevalence of independent contractors, consultants, and affiliates who characterize “the gig economy” has led to a workplace where unfamiliar faces are, in many cases, the norm. Add to that the increased use of “BYOC” bring-your-own-computer workstyles, and it is normal to see people come and go with a laptop in their possession. While this is certainly true in most workplaces, it is an even greater risk in “shared workspaces” – work communities in which remote employees pay a daily, weekly, or monthly fee for access to a communal office environment. Given this situation, securing your laptop in the workplace is an even greater priority than ever before. The Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable can assure you of just that. The Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable attaches to any USB port via a Smart Keeper USB Type C Port Lock, securing both that data port and the laptop itself. A 70-inch anti-theft tether cable affords plenty of flexibility while still making sure the laptop stays where it is supposed to be. Authorized users can set a combination for the lock that best supports your intended levels of access. With a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key, the system assures you of the control that security requires, while still structuring the access you need for your personnel to operate efficiently and without disruption. To compare the capabilities of the Smart Keeper Laptop Lock and Tether Cable with other available devices that protect the physical sector of your cyber-defense perimeter, and to envision how they can be used together to complete that often-overlooked sector, click here. At The Connectivity Center, our experience and perspective enables you secure the physical access to your data and components, the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today.