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Smart Keeper Lan Cable Lock

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  • Locks individual network cables so that they cannot be removed without a key.
  • Note: Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock requires at least one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key.
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Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock

The cable connections that turn your workplace computer hardware into a system are as vulnerable to contamination and sabotage as any invisible point of access on the vast World Wide Web. Time and again, research and real-world experience have proven emphatically that intrusions through your actual devices, in your own workplace, are as dangerous as anything cooked up in a mysterious hacking lab anywhere else in the world.

The Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock, from The Connectivity Center, prevents your local area network connections from being diverted or invaded by unauthorized personnel. Your individual network cables cannot be removed without a key, by an associate with specifically authorized access, when the Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock is in place.

Just insert your LAN cable connector in the open receiver at the bottom of the thumb-sized Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock and position it through the device to the other side. Connect your cable and snap the lock into the secured position. Now, it takes an authorized Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key, in the hands of your authorized associate, to remove the cable or alter the connection in any way.

The Risk of Unprotected LAN Connections

We must step back a bit to fully examine the risk of unprotected LAN connections, because our sense of security in our own workplace is over-rated when it comes to the hazards that can wreck your vital computer data and information systems. It doesn’t take a pernicious saboteur, a disgruntled competitor, or a business anarchist to put a stop to your vital operations in the digital age. Though people like this certainly are out there, an even more common hazard is the well-meaning associate, right in your workplace, who wants to improvise a means to address his or her immediate problem.

Although we might think that resourceful workarounds are to be encouraged, when they involve altering the connections of a local area network, the downside can be steep, indeed. That’s why we offer the Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock in abundance and at such a reasonable cost.

We Offer More Than Just Smart Keeper LAN Cable Locks

The Connectivity Center in the best possible vantage point for securing your vital computer data and information systems, because the connection between computers and users has been our focus ever since computers left their quarantine in the mainframe room and access was dispersed to users throughout the worlds organizations and enterprises. In this age of high concern for cybersecurity, this unique perspective is an asset you should have, a resource to make sure you have on your side.

The Connectivity Center offers you thousands of devices and dozens of systems for securing your ports and connectors, giving you the balance between access and security that both defends and enables your operation is our specialty. The Smart Keeper LAN Cable Lock is just one of the many solution we offer.

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