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Smart Keeper eSATA Port Lock

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  • The Smart Keeper eSATA Port Lock protects open eSATA ports
  • The Smart Keeper eSATA Port Lock serves as an effective deterrent against malicious activity
  • Note: This product requires one Smart Keeper - USB Port Lock Professional Key
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Smart Keeper E-SATA Port Lock

Extending compatibility was the concept behind development of the eSATA port. This ingenious bus, or transfer point for data, is designed to accommodate connections and data storage devices, including hard drives, based on the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface. SATA was a breakthrough in providing fast data transfer speeds. The external application of the port, known as eSATA, extends the kinds of devices you can connect. Every operating system from Apple, Linux, and Windows have support for eSATA standards built into their operating systems from the base up, as it matches their own storage technology. So far, there has been no popular operating system that hasn't supported eSATA.

An eSATA device is “hot-swappable”; that is, you can plug and unplug the external device while the PC to which it may be connected is still powered up and running. Now that eSATA ports are at work in enterprises and operations all over the world, the challenge is to make sure you can control who is connecting there. Protecting the eSATA port is at least as important as controlling the access to your USB ports, because eSATA connections are frequently found farther upstream in your vital data network and information systems.

In addition to hard drives, eSATA ports accommodate optical disc drives, hard disc arrays, and hard disc docks. Networks commonly use eSATA ports for expansion, using these additional storage devices. CD-ROM and DVD devices can also use the eSATA connection. The result? The eSATA port is practically everywhere, even though it is more likely to go unnoticed than its cousin, the USB port.

Today, since the advent of the USB Type C port, which offers comparable speeds, the eSATA connector has been largely replaced in new machines by USB-C. Though the latest computers might not commonly be equipped with the eSATA connector, legacy machines abound in the workplace, and they are vulnerable to outside attacks.

The Smart Keeper eSATA Port Lock from The Connectivity Center is a port block designed to protect your unused eSATA ports. They can be matched to your existing Smart Keeper key pattern so compatibility with your own system of access control is made easy.

With a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key, the system assures you of the control that security requires, while still structuring the access you need for your personnel to operate efficiently and without disruption.

To compare the capabilities of the Smart Keeper eSATA Port Lock (CSK-ETD10) with other available devices that protect the physical sector of your cyber-defense perimeter, and to envision how they can be used together to complete that often-overlooked sector, click here. At The Connectivity Center, our experience and perspective enables you secure the physical access to your data and components, the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today.

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