Smart Keeper DVI Port Lock

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Smart Keeper DVI Port Lock

Who knows what we would be looking at today without DVI ports? This standard for video display interface is part of the fabric of our visual culture and digital environment. It’s how we get video from where it is stored to where we can view it on our monitors. DVI connectors come in three forms, DVI-A for analog data, DVI-D for digital, and DVI-I for connectors that integrate both analog and digital. With this versatility, no wonder they are everywhere.

Our Smart Keeper DVI Port Lock is just as versatile, effectively securing not only DVI ports, but also the DB15 ports found on video graphics arrays, and HD15 ports, the high-definition version. To prevent data tampering in systems that include video display – and what useful system does not? – the Smart Keeper DVI Port Lock should be part of your cybersecurity perimeter.

Are Your Monitors Open to Hackers?

Your monitor is just as vulnerable as your network to hostile hacking. In fact, it was estimated in 2016 that no less than a billion monitors worldwide were open to hijacking and spying. It works like this. A hacker can target the monitor’s imbedded computer, specifically its firmware, the computer that controls the menu to change brightness and other simple settings on the monitor. The hacker can then put an implant there programmed to wait for commands. Commands take the form of a blinking pixel, which could be included in any video or a website. The function of that pixel is to upload code to the monitor. At that point, the hacker can spy on you, or even show you images or data or responses that are not really there. Imagine the effect if this is a monitor that’s vital to process control or the evaluation of data in your operation.

This malicious access can be denied by the Smart Keeper DVI Port Lock. You can depend on this modest, inexpensive, two-piece device to prevent unauthorized entry or access to any unused DVI, DB15, or HD15 ports on your computer or device, it is simple to install and serves as a very effective deterrent toward unauthorized use. Installation and removal calls for a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock and at least one Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key. Click here to compare this product with the rest your Smart Keeper items.

At The Connectivity Center, our experience and perspective enables you secure the physical access to your data and components, the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. We stand ready to serve you with a vast, carefully curated array of cybersecurity devices at any time, because time is risk, when it comes to achieving cybersecurity in the ever-evolving threat profile of today’s digital operations.