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Smart Keeper DB25 Serial Port Lock

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Smart Keeper DB25 Serial Port Lock

It might be hard to believe today, but the D-sub design for electrical connectors was once considered one of the smallest connectors used in computer systems. Vital data networks and information systems depended on them. They were the parallel port connectors for most personal computers, because with the original IBM PC so equipped, they enjoyed a long life from that point. Although eclipsed in many applications now by smaller designs such as USB or Firewire, the DB25 is still a common connector for printers and other peripheral devices.

The robotics arena makes extensive use of the DB25 connector for I/O port connections, switch and sensor hookups, and entire machine control through the PC's parallel port. When connecting to a parallel port, a BRK25M (with a DB25 Male connector) is typically used.

The DB25 contains two rows of pins, one row of 12 and the other of 13 pins, mainly used for serial connections, allowing for the asynchronous transmission of data as provided by standard RS-232 (RS-232C).

Making a Secure Connection

Once preferred for their size, the D-series is now favored when a secure connection must be maintained against tension or torque in use. The D-shaped shield that surrounds the connector’s pins is flanked by two thumb-screws for anchoring the male to the female side of the connection and holding it fast.

But the other kind of security – cybersecurity – is not fulfilled unless you add the DB25 Serial Port Lock, because without it, anybody with opposing thumbs can get into your system. Hackers know how to determine which of the 25 pins is No. 1, and a connection can be devised using solder and wrap wire that can hack into a cable TV network – or a vital data communication system.

Completing the Cybersecurity Perimeter

The physical ports and connectors of your data systems are so often unguarded that this has been called the open front door of cybersecurity. It makes little sense to put large and ongoing investments into program and software security solutions that guard against the threats from the Web and the cloud, when your data ports and connectors are open to hostile invasion and casual contamination. It is important to complete that perimeter.

That’s easily and economically accomplished with the Smart Keeper DB25 Serial Port Lock from The Connectivity Center. Deploying it calls for a Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key.

Click here to see how the Smart Keeper DB25 Serial Port Lock lines up as an integral part of the complete line of cyber-security devices you can put to work immediately from The Connectivity Center. It is our mission to help you secure the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today.

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