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Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock

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Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock

While photographers and filmmakers are possibly the most experienced with CompactFlash memory cards, owing to the widespread use of CF memory for digital cameras, the fact is that CompactFlash cards are used to enhance capacity in a variety of devices, making them a little-known component in many digital networks and information systems. CompactFlash cards have been with us for more than a quarter-century, having been specified and manufactured first in 1994. It’s hard to think of a more-enduring format or device in the fast and ongoing evolution of digital technology.

Why so popular and enduring? Like many memory systems, including the smaller SD-format card, the CF card uses the File Allocation Table (FAT) system, yet its larger size gives it an edge in capacity and speed. So, as computing capacities grew, the CompactFlash cards just kept working. As a result, they are very likely on the job at key locations in your system.

That means that the ports that accommodate the CF card could be waiting quietly in your information system to be hijacked by anyone from intentional saboteurs to unwitting associates. They’re as easy to penetrate as USB thumb drives, and yet most Cyber Discipline Plans overlook or ignore the exposure the CF port represents.

That’s where the humble and inexpensive Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock comes in. The Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock inserts easily, and, once in-place, it prevents intrusions by anyone except an authorized associate equipped with a Smart Keeper Port Lock Key. Matched to your existing Smart Keeper key pattern, you can control access affirmatively, using the same levels of authorization you establish for USB port and connector access.

Securing those often-overlooked CompactFlash ports with the Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock is a little-known requirement for completing the physical sector of your cybersecurity perimeter. With all the attention and investment in online, program, and software solutions for data network and information system security – and the growing realization that USB ports are an open invitation, too – leaving CF ports open is a surprising oversight. The solution is readily at-hand from The Connectivity Center.

Click here to see how the Smart Keeper CompactFlash Port Lock lines up among the complete and thorough line of cybersecurity devices you can put to work immediately from The Connectivity Center. Our experience and perspective extend to origins of the digital revolution – the whole geometric expansion of access to computing power – and to the vast exposure to risk that this access brought with it.

It is our mission to help you secure the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. Strangely overlooked in most operations, the physical dimensions of cyber-security demand the devices we provide.

Don’t let the CompactFlash ports in your system remain unguarded. Let’s get together and go to work.

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