Security Products

The Connectivity Center specializes in offering security products that are ensured to protect your company’s data. Our security product line spans a variety of applications from securing public-access devices or securing entry ports on internal devices. We offer high quality USB port blockers, but our newest security line The Smart Keeper is our professional series. The Smart Keeper family offers port blocking action with the additional capability of using serialized keys. This is beneficial when securing data ports on devices because this preventive control technology restricts the utilization of data ports in organizational devices to only authorized users. Network Access Controls are expensive and The Smart Keeper family offers an ideal low-cost solution.

While Port Blocking is important to your organization’s physical information security, protecting unlocked cable connections are equally as important. You can block all of the data ports on a device, but a malicious user can always unplug a device from the opposite end of your tethered cable. The Connectivity Center offers Link Locking connectors that anchor the connection between cables and devices. These locked connections are guarded by the same serialized key that the professional series USB port blockers utilize so that you can match the organizational responsibilities with your designated keyholder. Link Locking Hubs are the perfect product that are sure to complete your data’s 360° physical security.