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SAS/SATA RAID Storage System 19″ 1U 4 Bay HDD Array

19″ High Speed Terabyte Storage Array with 4 HDD Bays for SAS/SATA HDDs. MiniSAS Host Connection!
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External DAS Host RAID Storage Array (Direct Attached Storage) for your servers
  • This external 19″ SAS/SATA Storage Array simply connects to your server's SAS/SATA Controller via a MiniSAS cable. The controller may be integrated onto your server's motherboard or as a separate PCI-/PCIe controller card. It is compatible with all common SAS Controllers in the market.
  • Drives can be mapped as local drives or in a RAID array depending on the settings of your controller
  • Connection is made via MiniSAS / SATA Multilane cable.
  • 3 models available with 4, 8 or 16 HDD bays over 1x, 2x or 4x MiniSAS SFF8088 connections. (For similar SAS Expander systems with up to 128 drives please contact LINDY Sales)
  • Each HDD is accessed using its full SAS/SATA data transfer rate. There are none of the bottlenecks typically found when using NAS and iSCSI systems and there's no management applicatione that might reduce access times and data transfer rates.
  • DAS systems are directly accessed from the server's operating system. Therefore there are no limitations for database and SQL access as sometimes can be found for NAS systems
  • SAS/SATA Storage Arrays are easy to manage - no special knowledge of storage system architectures is required
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