Power Supplies

Whatever the task or device may be, you have to be running a reliable power source behind your project. Or if you aren’t powering a project and simply need a quick charge, The Connectivity Center is ready to help. Within our Power Supplies category, you will find everything from surge protectors to international wall charging adapters. Our portfolio includes cell phone charging adapters, power plugs, and Schuko plug converters. Whatever the application, The Connectivity Center has the right solution.

All of our power supplies are made with high quality metals that ensure consistent connections and long-lasting durability. Our line of international AC adapters that are ready to adapt to any connection whether it is a 5V DC 2A, 9V DC, 12V DC, 5V DC 3A, or 5V DC 4A. Our Connectivity Center staff is waiting to assist with whatever application you may have and are happily awaiting your call.

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