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In addition to cutting-edge computer and AV connection technologies, LINDY is also a manufacturer of practical computer peripherals. We supply mice, keyboards, mousepads and smart accessories such as mouse holders that keep your workspace tidy. LINDY USA is happy to provide cutting-edge peripherals for individuals and companies. Improve wrist comfort with a gel mouse pad that helps prevent repetitive strain industry or pick up a long-lasting yet affordable LINDY mouse.

Select a LINDY USB mouse if you’re in search of a high-resolution mouse designed for speed and efficiency. These simplistic mice are made with easy-to-use two-button designs and feature clickable scroll wheels for easy scrolling and fast zooming in large documents and websites. These mice are made for plug-and-play installation — no drivers required — and feature 800 CPI tracking resolution. LINDY mice are backed by a two-year warranty for complete purchase protection.

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