Cable Management

Whether you’re performing a complete server room reorganization or need products to organize cables at individual workstations, LINDY has a wide variety of cable management solutions for you. Choose from wire management panels, cable concealers, ties and grips that not only keep your area well-organized and neat, but also improve workplace safety and help keep your cables and hardware out of harm’s way. Many of these cable organizers are made with durable, non-corrosive and vibration-resistant materials so they won’t damage your cords.

LINDY supplies cable-tidying solutions such as wire management panels that you can easily install to organize the most complex cabling configurations. We also provide multiple types of cable fasteners and ties, including colored cable ties with Velcro fasteners that you can use to bundle and organize cables in a color-coded fashion. For extra-long cables or those that are in storage, you can purchase low-cost hook and loop cable ties that secure your wrapped-up cabling. We also offer cable clips and cable guide bars that you can install in your LINDY networking cabinets for better cable management.

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