Security & Accessories

From computer mice and keyboards to digital diagnosis equipment and repair tools, peripherals and accessories are some of the most important elements to your workstation. In this section, you'll find a wide variety of peripherals and accessories designed to keep your computer running at peak performance, while helping to ensure that your machine doesn't fail you when you need it most.

Mice, Keyboards and Barcode Scanners

For most people, keyboards and mice top the list of the most essential peripherals for computers. Connectivity Center makes high-quality, user-friendly keyboards and mice designed to improve comfort and efficiency. Nearly as important as keyboards and mice in some fields, barcode scanners interpret machine shorthand into language that humans can easily read, while helping to keep inventories in good order.

Power Supplies, Power Strips and Cable Management

Power breathes life into our machines. Whether you need to replace a power cable or need to pick up a substitute for use in a region with a different power standard, you'll find plenty of solutions in our inventory. We also offer power strips designed to keep your computer and its power supply safe from electric surges, as well as cable management solutions to stop cords from tangling.

Tools, Testers and Security Products

Connectivity Center supplies easy-to-use computer testers and tools that help you determine what's wrong with your machine and fix it as soon as possible to limit downtime. To keep your computer from falling ill, our inventory is well-stocked with security measures that add an extra layer of protection to your machine.