WiFi / Bluetooth

Being able to wirelessly connect, retrieve, and utilize your data is essential to everyday life. The Connectivity Center carries several reliable networking products that pair with devices utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to optimize your network capabilities. Products found in this category work to extend your Wi-Fi and assist in the reception of signal to increase the strength of your access points, as well as your range.

If you are interested in creating distance between your Wi-Fi signal and other devices sending out interfering signals, our shop carries aerial extension cables. Our cables come with our 10-Year warranty and are made of only the longest-lasting materials. All of our cables are durable as well as waterproof. If you are interested in adapting from an a RP-SMA to a Mini HF BNC, we also carry adapting cables. Whatever your desired Wi-Fi application, The Connectivity Center would love to help you find a solution.

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