Power Switching over IP

These IP remote control switches from LINDY are designed to allow you to remotely control a power supply via IP or manually. Installing a remote power management solution is a good way to reduce energy costs and system downtime, as they can eliminate the time and cost associated with traveling to remote sites and data centers. System administrators will be able to control the power to multiple servers and other equipment via hardware such as the LINDY IPower Control 8 and other remote switches made by LINDY.

Each LINDY IP remote control switch has features such as a watchdog functionality, which checks via ICMP ping if a network client is online, plus integrated power and energy meters. Additionally, some of our models offer integrated sensor inputs for humidity and temperature for better monitoring. LINDY makes devices for power switching over IP as well as individual temperature sensors for IPower Control 8 so you can monitor ambient temperature within a network enclosure via any web browser.

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