Media Converters / Transceivers

Media converters are designed to allow you to take advantage of new cabling technologies without the need for a complete network overhaul. For example, you can use one of our media converting modules to integrate Ethernet over fiber to achieve the higher bandwidth and greater distance capabilities of fiber optic. This is a relatively affordable way to upgrade your system. The Connectivity Center is a leader in transceiver technology, and we offer many fiber optic converters to help you improve any pre-integrated network foundation.

We carry many gigabit Ethernet fiber optic converters, which are networking devices that allow you to connect two dissimilar media types — such as Cat5 or Cat6 cables with fiber optic cables — in a relatively simple manner. You can use our high-tech serial servers to connect your serial devices to your network, making them easier to share and manage, or implement a RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 converter to achieve data transfer up to 5 kilometers away. Shop all of these networking solutions to find the right hardware for your needs.

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  1. 2 Port IP Serial Server
    2 Port IP Serial Server
    Part #: 25104
  2. 4 Port IP Serial Server
    4 Port IP Serial Server
    Part #: 25105