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mSATA & M.2 to SATA 2,5″ Adapter Case

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• Converts mSATA and M.2 (NGFF) SSD into a 2.5' drive form factor

• Install smaller SSD hard drives into older machines with SATA interface

• Perfect for upgrading a laptop, notebooks or older PCs

• Supports SATA III 6Gbps with DevSlp function

• Adapter is transparent to the OS, so does not require any software drivers

• 2 year warranty


Please note - If both M.2 and mSATA SSDs are installed, only the M.2 SSD will be accessible.

This adapter converts an mSATA or M.2 SSD to a 2.5' drive form factor.

It supports DevSlp allowing SSD to go into a low power 'device sleep' mode.

It is the perfect solution for using mSATA or M.2 SSD in a laptop, netbook or other computer's standard 2.5' drive bay.

This adapter has an internal mSATA 52 pin connector and a M.2 B Key slot as well as an external 2.5' SATA 22 pin connector.


All within the dimensions of a 2.5' drive with a 9.5mm height.

M.2 was formally called Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) and it is intended to replace mSATA, which uses the PCI Express Mini Card physical layout.

The following M.2 formats are supported - Type 2280, 2260, 2242 and 2230. Both Half and Full Size mSATA SSD are supported.

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