Extender Cat. / Fiber Optic / Over IP

If you need the ability to lengthen the space between your KVM terminal or switch and your computer, a KVM extender is the answer. These practical cables allow you to configure your system several hundred meters apart, so they’re perfect for commercial data centers and server rooms. You can choose between a KVM extender over IP, Cat 5/5E and fiber optic at LINDY USA. You’ll want to choose the medium that works best for your specific application.

For example, if you need an extender that can easily handle long distances — such as between buildings that are separated by a parking lot or a complex — you’ll want to choose a KVM extender IP. For shorter distances, a KVM extender over Ethernet (Cat5 or Cat 5E) is appropriate. LINDY offers all of these types of extenders with a variety of options to get you going. You can choose styles to handle minimal equipment, such as a single keyboard and mouse, or choose high-tech options for multiple machines.

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