Desktop KVM Switches

If you need the ability to connect to multiple computers and want to eliminate space associated with extra keyboards, mice and monitors, a desktop KVM switch is a great solution. These are economical and compact systems designed to give you to access, control, boot and reboot options for multiple machines using a single console. Each desktop KVM switch from LINDY is designed to work with just about any operating system on the market, whether it be Windows, Apple or Linux.

You can choose from a wide variety of desktop switch styles from our selection, ranging from a low-priced desktop KVM switch USB plug that lets you use a single keyboard and mouse across two monitors all the way up to commercial-grade 16-port KVM switches. Choose one of our mid-grade 2-port KVM switches that come with included cables for connecting up to two computers. LINDY USA also supplies cables and extenders for your desktop KVM system.

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