19” KVM LCD Terminals

LINDY USA offers a full suite of KVM terminals that make the perfect access point for your server room or data center. Designed to improve efficiency and ease of multi-computer management, each KVM LCD terminal features a high-quality LCD display plus a notebook-style keypad in a single console. Most styles feature a numeric keypad and touchpad as well. These full-featured terminals come in 17- and 19-inch rack options and are configured with the U.S. layout. Each one features a modular design with a drawer that allows you to slide it in and out of the rack and conceal the display, if desired.

You may purchase terminals from LINDY featuring the ability to add a second terminal with remote access via an IP remote extension of via a remote Cat.5 extender unit. When you configure your terminal this way, you’ll be able to access servers and KVM switches remotely. They are all designed for simple assembly and typically require only one person for installation. Some feature an easily-installed KVM switch, while others require you to add the switch. If you need to purchase KVM switches, LINDY is happy to assist you with that as well.

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