Why waste your productive hours hustling back and forth between computers when you can unite them with a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch? While it can be convenient when you have one workhorse machine, it doesn’t always make sense to dual boot and hop back and forth between environments, especially when you have multiple computers, each optimized for specific software. With a KVM switch, you can travel between computers and OS environments easily and quickly. The best part is, you don't have to set up two displays side by side to do so.

KVM Switches

KVM switches combine inputs from one or more computer to allow you to effortlessly toggle between them. And they don't just manage keyboard, mouse and display data. You can also use them with other USB devices and even playback audio through them.

KVM Switches with LCD Terminals

If you've got several computers in your workspace, you can use a KVM LCD terminal to improve the efficiency of multi-computer management with remote access. Paired with a KVM switch, a KVM LCD terminal lets you quickly tap into your servers without having to drag around armloads of PC parts. Installation is simple to ensure that you spend more time working and less time preparing to work.

Our KVM LCD terminals come in a variety of languages. Additionally, the LCD display size options match up with those of typical laptops, so they’re not too big and certainly large enough for you to get the job done. Our KVM terminals also have built-in keyboards and touchpads for easy, intuitive use.