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iPhone/HTC to PC Audio Adapter Cable

Connect your HTC/iPhone/iPod touch or iPad headset to your PC or Mac!
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This adapter cable allows you to use your 3.5mm HTC/iPhone/iPod touch or iPad headset and microphone with your PC. Perfect for regular phone, Skype or other VoIP and messenger users who don't want to carry around one headset for use with a computer and one for use with their iPhone. Simply connect this adapter to the microphone and headphone jacks on your computer and your ready to go.

Input: 3.5mm 4 Segment Female
  • Output:
    • 3.5mm Stereo Jack Male (Headphone)
    • 3.5 Jack Male (Microphone)
  • Works with iPhone & iPod Touch and compatible headsets
  • Length: 6cm approx.
  • Color: White
  • 10 year warranty

Important: This adapter cable only works with Apple iPhone and iPad headsets and no other brands accessories. For an adapter cable that works with other brands see our Headset to PC Audio Adapter Cable.
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