HDMI NON-CEC Adapter Type A M/F

Correct CEC connection issues!
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CEC signals are a frequently used and loved modern HDMI feature, allowing you to control up to 15 connected devices using a single infrared remote control. However, installing certain HDMI splitters, switches or other accessories can result in the signal being incompatible with the device. In these cases, allowing the CEC signal to continue flowing can cause damage to those accessories – or worse, to your favorite device.

Rather than buying all new equipment and accessories or taking them out of commission, using an HDMI non-CEC adapter is a simple and effective workaround to CEC connection issues. These gold-plated HDMI Type A adapters prevent the CEC signal from being passed along by blocking pin 13 on your HDMI cable. Install one upstream of any incompatible devices in your chain, or connect one directly to each device in question for insurance. Either way, you’ll know you’re protected from incompatible signals. Connectivity Center stands behind this and many of our other quality HDMI adapters with a 10-year warranty.

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