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HDD Carrier for the LINDY 19″ SAS/SATA Storage Array

Minimise downtime when changing hard drives!
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Spare frame for LINDY 19″ SAS/SATA RAID Storage Systems. The 3.5″ HDD is fixed to this carrier by 4 screws. Whenever you need to replace or exchange HDDs you can pre-install your HDD to a spare carrier and exchange drives in a matter of seconds.
This carriers does not contain electrical contacts. It holds the drive securely, protects from vibration and guides the drive securely into its backplane contacts.
The status displays are designed as optical light guides from the LEDs on the backplane to the front of the carrier.
For use with LINDY SAS/SATA RAID Storage Systems, No.21950 (4 Bay 19″ 1U), 21951 (8 Bay 19″ 2U) and 21953 (16 Bay 19″ 3U)
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