DisplayPort female coupler Snap-In Module

DP snap in module for wall boxes
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• DisplayPort Female to DisplayPort Female connectors

• Right angled design

• Allows DisplayPort cables to be connected to a face plate

• Suitable for use with our range of snap in bezels and wall plates

• Moulded nickel adapter

• Gold plated pins

• 10 year warranty



The LINDY Modular AV Face Plate System allows you to create your own custom face plates by using a combination of Snap-in Blocks and Keystone modules.


Install this DisplayPort Snap-in Block into a face plate alongside other Keystone and Snap-in modules.


These modules provide a full range of solutions for AV. networking, voice and audio installations.


The wide selection of modules and face plates can be custom configured giving you greater control and flexibility.



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Please Note: The LINDY Modular AV Face Plate System must be used in conjunction with LINDY Face Plates.

Single Gang Face Plate and Double Gang Face Plate also available.


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