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Full HD DVI 17″/44cm LCD KVM Terminal PRO USB 2.0, US Layout

19” 1U Metal drawer with digital Full HD LCD, USB 2.0 support, touchpad and English-US keyboard with separate numeric keypad
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  • Hide and slide into rack resulting to just 1U high, lockable
  • 19″ Drawer made of sturdy metal with dual telescopic rails for keyboard and monitor
  • Keyboard and monitor can be seperately pulled out of the rack  
  • The LCD display can be pulled out independently from the keyboard and flipped up in front of the 19″ rack, this means the rack doors can be closed while the monitor is active
  • The keyboard can be inserted independently from the monitor, for example if space is needed in front of the terminal
  • 17″/44cm LCD display 1920x1080 with automatic shutdown.
  • DVI-I (digital and analog) or VGA can be used
  • Keyboard with seperate numeric keypad and touchpad, USB & PS/2 combo version
  • Modular design, expandable with optional KVM switch upgrade module No. 39319 (with DVI and USB 2.0) and No. 39530 or No. 39531 (without DVI and USB 2.0)
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