Before printers and scanners migrated to the USB standard, most of them relied on the SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) or what was is commonly referred to as "Scuzzy."

If you've arrived here in search of SCSI cables, it probably isn't because you're looking to resurrect an old printer or scanner. There's a good chance you're a part of the niche that relies on this long-standing interface for high-performance devices that use its modern iteration. Modern SCSI breaks away from the parallel interface of old and embraces the serial format, which allows for gigabit speeds instead of megabit transfers.

Check out our inventory of SCSI cables to find a speedy, secure transfer solution to address your needs. If you need to bring an older version of SCSI forward to I or II, we’ve got the right options for the job.

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  1. 14 inch | SATA Power Y Cable | Serial ATA Female
    14 inch | SATA Power Y Cable | Serial ATA Female
    Part #: 42TB-13825