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Networking cables are the conduits carrying data to and from devices and machines, offering reliable transfer rates and low signal loss regardless of distance. When it comes to connecting your networking equipment with cables, you'll want to make sure your lines are built to last with weather and abrasion resistant components.

Connectivity Center makes performance-grade, warranty-backed RJ45 adapters and couplers, RJ12/11/10 phone cables, fiber optic cable, patch cable, and more, to help you build a permanent, long-lasting wiring configuration in your home or business.

We have plenty of grade-A fiber optic cable options for those looking for reliability and performance. Compatible with all standard fiber optic equipment and connectors, these cables are totally immune to electrical and electromagnetic interference.

For serious savings on networking cables, explore our range of bulk cables. Get lengths of Cat6, Cat7 and Cat5e cables that can be trimmed to your required distance.

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  1. RJ-45 Female to Female, UTP (Line Coupler)
    RJ-45 Female to Female, UTP (Line Coupler)
    Part #: 60184