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When a music cable starts to go bad, everyone knows it: your band mates, your audience, your neighbors and anyone else who happens to hear the distortion screaming out of your amp. This is one of those small investments where quality certainly counts, because skimping on a guitar cable will only save you money in the short term. Connectivity Center has premium-quality music cables, including 0.5 to 10 meter guitar leads, stereo adapter cables, XLR jacks and D-sub extensions to help you achieve crisp, powerful sound.

To carry the sound of your electric instruments, including guitars and keyboards, pick up a heavy-duty cable that's built to handle extreme abuse. When you skimp on cables, it's only a matter of time before static and extra feedback occurs, and it probably won't be positive feedback that you'll be hearing from your audience. Check out our inventory of long-lasting musical cables that have shielding and connectors to help prevent these issues. Some Connectivity Center professional-grade music cables are backed by 10-year warranties for added peace of mind.

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  1. 3m XLR Cable - Male to Female, Black
    3m XLR Cable - Male to Female, Black
    Part #: 6053