KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse)

If you need to switch back and forth between OS X and Windows, dual booting is certainly one solution, but perhaps a more feasible answer is a KVM switch keyboard and mouse. With just the flick of a wrist and a single mouse click, you can use our USB KVM switch to go between a Windows and OS X environment on the fly. You can also use the KVM switch to move between machines running the same OS family or even the same environment.

KVM switches let you use one monitor and a single pair of input devices, a mouse and a keyboard, to control two systems. These hardware toggles come with support for fading display technologies, HD video, audio connections and full-size USB. Some Connectivity Center KVM switches even include micro USB ports for mirroring mobile devices on big screens. Along with our wired offerings, you'll also find wireless options that'll help cut down on messy cable configurations. 

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