If your DV cameras or portable hard drives are just sitting around collecting dust, it might be because you don't have a cable that can exploit the true potential of their native transfer rate. If your devices display a symbol that looks a bit like a broken Y with a ring in its center, then you need a Firewire cable to bring purpose back to your device.

Even though USB was originally the slower technology, it is not only still in use, but maintains its position as the standard for hardware transfer. But if your device has the option for both USB and Firewire, it's may be that the latter will provide a much faster and more reliable transfer than the USB that's available on your camera or hard drive.

Connectivity Center’s collection of Firewire cables includes both the 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps transfer speeds. We also offer adapters for bridging from one version to the other. Connectivity Center also manufactures top-quality Firewire extension cables that'll give you an additional 10 or even 100 meters so you can quickly transfer data from afar.

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  1. FireWire Adapter, 4 Pin Male to 6 Pin Female, mini version
    FireWire Adapter, 4 Pin Male to 6 Pin Female, mini version
    Part #: 70395